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All photographs are officially licensed, collectable prints on high quality 8" x 10" photographic paper.

Price includes worldwide shipping

Please note : Tim cannot facilitate the signing of items outside of the events he attends and those purchased from the website.


Admiral Ackbar 001

Admiral Ackbar No1     £25
Ackbar 002

Admiral Ackbar No2     £25
Ackbar on the bridge

Admiral Ackbar No3     £25
Ackbar No4

Admiral Ackbar No4     £25

 Sy Snootles

Sy Snootles No1     £2
Salacious B Crumb

Salacious B. Crumb No1     £25  
The force awakens

The Force Awakens No1     £25

Return to OZ

Return to Oz No1     £25
Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal No3    £25
Howard the Duck

Howard the Duck No1     £25
Terms & Conditions

1.  Payment of the total purchase price must be made in full before dispatch of the item(s).
2.  We hope to get all items shipped within 5 working days of the order being received – However, please allow up to 21 days for delivery
     in  the UK and up to 28 days to the rest of the world.
3.  We reserve the right to replace any picture with one of the same character and of the same quality, should the originally requested
     image not be available for any reason.
4.  We take no responsibility for any damage incurred to the item(s) whilst in transit.
5.  All orders online are final and cannot be cancelled.
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